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This is where it all started! Our CrossFit Classes last for one hour, these classes are constantly varied.

You’ll squat, deadlift, run, bike, skip..you get the idea! Our workouts are planned in advance as part of our well rounded CrossFit programme and you’ll keep track of all your workouts through our app!

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These classes run on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. All things Olympic lifting!

These sessions are led by our qualified British Weightlifting coaches, with a focus on the clean and jerk and snatch movements.

Want to get strong? Want to develop power? Then Barbell club is for you.


A crowd favourite! This is longer duration lower intensity at it’s finest.

You’ll work at a medium pace for a little bit longer, with many of the movements you’ll find in our CrossFit classes.

Want to build an engine? Let’s turn up the beats and get it done!


Our very popular Gymnastics class is led by coach Benji.

His focus is bodyweight movements, handstand progressions, pull ups to muscle ups and building a strong solid core!

Struggling with your pulling strength?

Kids & Teens

At White Wolf we believe fitness is for everyone, so we also provide a CrossFit programme for kids and teens.

Led by our kids coach May, these sessions are perfect for helping get your kid or teen into regular exercise!

Our Kids classes are for 6-11 year olds and Teens classes for 11-16 year olds.

Personal Training

If you want to improve your movement, dial in on a specific skill, or just get some personalised advice spending 1:1 time with an experienced and qualified coach can be invaluable.

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