Our gymnastic coach Benji has been with us for 4 years and coaching for 2. You can usually find him doing handstands in the gym most evenings! Benji brings great versatility to our programme offering his body weight focused sessions every Wednesday!


Here’s a bit about Benji – “I first discovered CrossFit 4 years ago when I was training at a standard gym when I saw Rich Froning on YouTube and decided I wanted to be him. The first workout I found was Fran and thought that looks like an easy one to start with. So after 16 minutes, some terrible jumping pull ups and sets of 3 with a 20kg bar later, I realised my dreams of Froning grandeur were a long way away – none the less I was hooked!


4 years on, my Fran time has improved but it has hasn’t got any easier I’ve just become fitter and I’m still waiting to become Rich Froning.


I really enjoy coaching people and being involved in their transformation to become the fittest version of themselves. Watching clients push themselves and be able to do things that they thought was never possible (from first pull ups, to first muscle ups) is extremely rewarding”