Andy is one of the owners of White Wolf Strength and has been coaching CrossFit for 6 years now, having taken well over 3,000 classes. His training background comes from powerlifting where he achieved great success! From Northern Ireland junior champion to Irish senior squat champion, Andy was also chosen to represent Ireland at the world championships in 2016.


Andy has a great interest in Nutrition and has achieved his level 5 nutritional therapy qualification, is a qualified British weightlifting coach, kettlebell instructor, personal trainer and is currently undertaking his sports massage level 3, Andy will be heading up our new recovery programme launching soon.


“I love what I do and all the people I have met in White Wolf over the past 6 years, we have such a great community here and I am grateful for the life long friendships I have established. My biggest achievement in White Wolf has to be meeting my wife Tammy, she joined our gym and witnessed my dance moves at the White Wolf Christmas dinner, after immediately falling in love her gym attendance sky rocketed and the rest is history ”