About Crossfit Lisburn

CrossFit Lisburn really started back in 2012 in a very small garage gym. We put together what little funds we had as 22 year olds and bought squat racks, weights, a pull-up bar and various other CrossFit equipment. We would train together every day, eventually forming a small community of around 25 people in the summer months. We would write the workouts on A4 sheets of paper and cellotape them to the garage walls. Tyre-flips in the driveway, sprints to the nearby roundabout, who knows what the neighbours were thinking!

We loved what we were doing so we pursued our qualifications in CrossFit, Personal training, Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition, Programming for Sports Teams, Strongman Training etc and we opened our original White Wolf gym in Lisburn around 18 months later.

From there the gym and brand has gone from strength to strength, with 3 full refurbs in our 6 and a half years of business, each one improving on the last. We have made some incredible incredible friendships on the way and added some amazing coaches to the White Wolf team. For us this transcends fitness, we love what we do and we love the team and community we have built here.

Community At White Wolf

Over our 6 years of business our community at White Wolf CrossFit Lisburn has steadily grown to over 200 members but one of our proudest achievements is that we still have members from our very first induction group well over 6 years ago.

This is testament to the people who train here, they make everyone feel welcome and in turn we have seen lifelong friendships formed!

Our Facility

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